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  • NP "Russian-Slovene Club of businessmen" services package

    Service list

    Club Members demands

    Demands type


    Regular Club Members meeting (6-8 times a year) + Slovenian company presentation or delegation visit from Slovenia

    Contacts with Club Members for goods or services promotion


    Annual Member fee - 150 EUR

    Visa legalization in Slovenia and Russia

    Visa legalization

    Informing Club Members about news and events in Slovenia and Russia (distribution)

    Informing about news and events in Russia and Slovenia

    Economic missions organization, delegations interchange (for making contacts between profile companies of Slovenia and Russia)

    1. To sell company products/ services
    2. To sell technology
    3. To improve produced products quality
    4. To develop engineering


     Making companies contacts list, that offer different events connected with companies economy promotion in Samara region

    Administrative resources providing

    Production resources providing

    Financial resources providing