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    Branko Rakovec
    Branko Rakovec
    Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Slovenia to the Russian Federation
    Antashev Sergei Aleksandrovich
    Antashev Sergei Aleksandrovich
    The head of the city of Togliatti

    Organizations, residents of Russia

    MBI "School named after S.P. Korolev"
    MBI "School named after S.P. Korolev"
    Address: 445028 RF, Samara region, Togliatti, Koroleva, 3.
    8(8482) 35-93-77

    LLC "KUEM"
    LLC "KUEM"
    Address: Togliatti, Ybilejinaya 1а, TC "Lincoln" Т: 27-09-09, 89276124912
    Contacts: Address: Togliatti, Samara region
    Individual entrepreneur Lakrisenko Andrey
    Individual entrepreneur Lakrisenko Andrey
    +7(927)211-50-18, +7 (8482) 71-50-18
    E-mail: a.lakrisenko@yandex.ru 
    Industry Road tests of vehicles in all weather and road conditions of the Russian Federation with the use of tools and e...
    445010, Самарская обл., г. Тольятти, ул. Советская 74а, офис 2 8 (8482) 42-35-09 доб 1084 +7 (917) 122-84-54 engineering-centr@yandex.ru www.atec-rf.com
    Dental clinic "Praktik-D" d.o.o. was established in 2003 and provide the highest quality services, offers its ...
    Тел. 8 (8482) 70-60-28, 8 (927) 611-44-77 Адрес: Тольятти, 18 квартал, ул. Офицерская, 35 E-mail: info@praktikd.ru www.praktikd.ru
    IT company on the field of web design
    Адрес в Тольятти: 40 лет Победы, 14, оф.422 Телефон: +7 (8482) 79-57-98 E-mail: info@kolibri.pw https://vk.com/kolibripw http://kolibri.pw/
    QForm simulation software is used for development and optimization of many different metal forming processes for parts production...
    Адрес местонахождения: г. Москва, 2-ой Южнопортовый проезд, д. 16, строение 2 (Бизнес-центр «Южный порт») Тел./факс: +7 (499) 643 04 53 E-mail: info@qform3d.com Сайт: http://www.qform3d.ru

    LLC "Fora-Invest" is the official dealer and renders services in the effective selection, supply and maintenance of warehouse...

    Samara region, Togliatti, Zheleznodorozhnaya St, 50
    Phone numbers: (8482) 45-57-45, 45-54-97
    Fax: (8482)45-62-13
    Web site: http://fora-invest.ru
    E-mail: fora-invest@list.ru
    In November 2016, with the support of the specialized agency SPIRIT Slovenia and the City Hall of Togliatti, the Russian...

    Samara region,  Togliatti, Sovetskaya St 74а, office.2,

    Number: +7(9178)205-205,
    Skype: ceo.rsbclub,

    ProfitTeim LLC Bottle of natural cosmetics Botanika. The shop of natural cosmetics "Botanika" offers natural, ...


    SC Vega, 1 floor (near the shop REKA) 
    SC Capital, 1 floor, Department "House of nature" (near the shop "El Dorado")



    LLC "BAV-tour" is the official sales office for PEGAS Touristik tours in Togliatti. PEGAS Touristik today is o...


    Adress: Togliatti, Tupoleva boulevard 15 Б 
    Phone: +7 (8482) 50-33-95, +7 (8482) 53-20-56 
    e-mail: pegast.tlt@mail.ru 

    Workshop CANDLE (Russia, Togliatti) makes decorative carved candles made of paraffin for various celebrations. Wax...


    Phone: +79879096098 - Svetlana Kadyrova.

    AMAKS "Jubilee" Togliatti is a hotel in Togliatti, which evokes the following associations: "quality serv...
    Hotel adress: 445029,Samara region,Togliatti, Yubileynaya St, 6
    Reservation service: 
    +7 (8482) 37-20-88, +7(8482) 36-61-10
    +7 (8482) 36-60-66, +7(8482) 36-63-23
    E-mail: bron-tlt@amaks-hotels.ru
    Linguistic center LLC "Prime Time" is the study of foreign languages using the latest techniques, with the bes...
    445029, Samara region, Togliatti, Yubileynaya 29, office 222
    +7 (8482) 62-50-72
    +7 (8482) 95-94-77
    +7 (927) 892-50-72
    E-mail: prime.time.centre@gmail.com
    LLC "SamZas" Samara is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum foundry alloys to the modern...


    Samara, 22 Parts"yezda St, 10 А
    Phone.: (846) 279-26-18, 279-26-32


    Togliatti State University is the largest state higher education institution in Togliatti in the Samara region and one o...
    Address: 445667, Togliatti, Belorusskaya St, 14 (central campus).Togliatti, Frunze St, 2g. 
    Web-Site: http://www.tltsu.ru
    E-mail: office@tltsu.ru
    Phone numbers: (8482) 53-92-47, 53-94-44 
    Fax: (8482) 53-95-22
    The main activity of LLC "TEK" is the provision of intermediary services in the purchase, sale and lease of no...
    Address: 445010, Samara region, Togliatti, Sovetskaya St 74a , office 2
    Phone: +7 (8482) 202-542
    Exhibition Center "EXPO-Togliatti" organizes exhibitions and fairs for more than 18 years. "EXPO-Togliatti" strives to c...
    Address: 445026, Samara region, Togliatti, Leninskiy avenue, 40
    Phone / Fax: +7 (8482) 270-980, 270-560, 270-790, 270-660, 270-640
    Web-Site: http://www.expotol.ru/
    Е-mail: org@expotol.ru
    "Alliance Francaise Togliatti" promotes the promotion of the French language and culture throughout the world....

    445029 Yubileynaya St, office 6. 106
    Phone: (8482) 95-94-77

    E-mail: aftogliatti@mail.ru,

    LLC «PANSIONAT «PARK»»  is a business class hotel complex located in one of the most picturesque places of Togliatt...
    Togliatti, Komzina St, 6
    Phone: +7 (8482) 48-97-97
    E-mail: bron@park-otel.com
    LLC "ENERGOMETROLOGY" provides services in installation, repair and maintenance of instruments and tools for m...
    123100,Moskow, Mantulinskaya St, 18
    Restaurant "Vesna" - one of the most popular institutions of the city. Guests of the restaurant "Spring&q...
    Togliatti, Yubileynaya St 6А
    Phone: (8482) 744-244, (8482) 34-58-35
    E-mail: info@vesna-tlt.ru
    "Togliatti Academy of Management" is a higher educational institution of the city of Togliatti, which provides...
    Togliatti, Stepana Razina avenue, 99
    Phone: (8482) 40-71-00, 73-60-60
    Fax: (8482) 40-74-56
    E-mail: info@taom.ru
    LLC "Detalstroykonstruktsiya" is positioned in the Russian market of auto components as a dynamically developi...
    Togliatti, Severnaya St, 37
    Phone:+7 (8482) 73-72-38, 73-72-40
    Fax: +7 (8482) 73-64-44
    Е-mail: dsk@pfdsk.ru

    Organizations, residents of Slovenia

    Kolektor is a global supplier that boasts a tradition of highly specialized industrial production. In our over 55 years...

    Tel: +386 (0)5 3750 100
    Fax: +386 (0)5 3750 150
    Vojkova ulica 10, SI-5280 Idrija, Slovenia

    DEWESoft is a leading provider of data acquisition (DAQ) test and measurement solutions. It's award winning data acquisition...

    Gabrsko 11a SI-1420 Trbovlje, Slovenia
    +386 3 56 25 300
    +386 3 56 25 301
    Oberstar was founded on the 1st of January, 2016 by the lawyer Jože Oberstar. Lawyers, in cooperation with external cont...
    Glavni trg 31, 8000 Novo mesto
    +386 (0)40 894 489
    Company Corprus d.o.o. provides business services and created visibility in the local and international markets.
    Address: Glavni trg 31, 8000 Novo mesto
    Telefon: +386 31 333 663

    The leading information resource in Slovenian business circles. The main publication of the company is the daily newspaper...

    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Bleiweisova cesta 30, SI-1000

    "Welcome to Slovenia!" - a magazine about business, tourism and entertainment in Slovenia!
    Editorial phone: +386 41 666 758 
    SIBIZ Business Services Ltd as a member of the Chamber to stimulate the attraction of foreign direct investment is the o...
    SIBIZ poslovne storitve d.o.o.
    SIBIZ business services Ltd.
    Main office:
    Kladezna ulica 10
    1000 Ljubljana
    SI - Slovenia
    World Business Intelligence is another name for the experienced team of Hadriae Tau d.o.o.
    The company provides services...
    Registered office:
    Cesta Zore Perello Godina 2, 6000 Koper, Slovenia
    Branch Office:
    Delpinova 7a, 5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia
    Tel: 00386-8-205-80-72
    Fax: 00386-8-205-80-75
    Company LLC KGL  was founded in 1985 and currently has 75 employees. The company is engaged in the production ...
    Address: Ponoviška cesta 13
    1270 Litija, Slovenija
    Phone: +386 (0)1 896 22 04
    +386 (0)1 896 22 00
    +386 (0)41 65 13 56 (mobile)
    E-Mail: kgl@kgl.si
    Web-site: http://www.kgl.si/
    LLC HOTEL SAVA ROGASHKA  with its centuries-old history and traditions - one of the oldest and most famous thermal...
    Address: Zdraviliški trg 6
    3250 Rogaška Slatina
    Phone: +386 (0)3 811 40 00
    Web-site: http://www.rogaska.si/en/
    Slovenian Tool and Die development Centre TECOS was founded in 1994 as a research center supporting Slovenian production...
    Kidričeva 25
    3000 Celje
    web: http://www.tecos.si/
    Telephone: +386-3-4900920
    The UNIOR group of companies is one of the largest and most important Slovenian exporters. The company UNIOR is widely k...
    Unior d.d.
    Kovaška cesta 10
    3214 Zreče, Slovenia
    Tel.: +386 3 75 78 465 Fax: +386 3 57 60 078
    eMail: strojna.oprema@unior.si
    LLC "Gorenje Orodjarna" - one of the main machine tool companies in Slovenia. The subsidiary company of the in...
    Partizanska 12, 3503 Velenje, p. p. 107, Slovenia
    Phone: +386(0)3 899 2364
    Fax: +386 (0)3 899 2631 - Corporate Services
    +386 (0)3 899 2633 - Sales
    Ltd «TAB»  was established in 1965 as a subsidiary of Rudnik Mežica Holding.
    In the first 15 years, TAB was a ...

    Polena 6
    SI - 2392 Mežica

    Tel: +386 2 87 02 300
    Fax: +386 2 87 02 305
    E-mail: info@tab.si
    URL: www.tab.si

    LLC "SEP" (Slovenia) specializes in the development and production of parts for automotive glass clean...

    Stari trg 2 
    A8230 Mokronog 
    Tel.: +386 (0)7 34 34 460


    LLC "Donit Tesnit" (Slovenia) is widely known as the world's leading manufacturer of sealing mater...
    Cesta komandanta Staneta 38
    SI – 1215 MEDVODE
    Tel.: +386 (0)1 582 33 00
    Fax: +386 (0)1 582 32 06
    +386 (0)1 582 32 08
    E-mail: info@donit.eu
    Vzmeti Zupancic d.o.o. more than 40 years is the leading company for the production of disc springs in the ex-Yugoslav m...
    Ulica Gustla Štravsa 2, 4270 Jesenice, Slovenija
    Tel.: +386 (0)4 58 35 160
    Fax: +386 (0)4 58 35 161
    E-mail: info@din2093.com
    GIZ ACS (Automotive Cluster of Slovenia) - A business association based on the economic interests of its members...
    Togliatti, Yubileynay St 6А
    Phone: (8482) 744-244, (8482) 34-58-35
    E-mail: info@vesna-tlt.ru

    Members of the club are individuals

    President of the NP "Russian-Slovene club of businessmen"
    Chairman of the Business Council for Cooperation with...
    Putkin Vladimir
    Putkin Vladimir
    Vice-president of the NP "Russian-Slovene club of businessmen"
    Vice-president of the NP "Russian-Slovene club of businessmen", Executive Vice President of PJSC AVTOVAZ for p...
    Putkina Anastasia
    Putkina Anastasia
    Director of the NP "Russian-Slovene club of businessmen"
    Urupin Sergey
    Urupin Sergey
    Vice-President for the production of auto components of JSC "AVTOVAZ"
    Mironov Alexey
    Mironov Alexey
    Member of the NP "Russian-Slovene club of businessmen"
    Kozirkin Igor
    Kozirkin Igor
    Member of the NP "Russian-Slovene club of businessmen"
    Kadyrova Svetlana
    Kadyrova Svetlana
    Founder of the Workshop "Candle"
    Zaporojetc Valeriy
    Zaporojetc Valeriy
    Auditor of "Russian-Slovene club of businessmen" Togliatti, Deputy manager of the bank's branch
    Denisova Irina
    Denisova Irina
    Member of the NP "Russian-Slovene club of businessmen"
    Chursin Vladimir
    Chursin Vladimir
    Member of the NP "Russian-Slovene club of businessmen"
    Eremin Nikolay
    Eremin Nikolay
    Member of the NP "Russian-Slovene club of businessmen"
    Edigarev Pavel
    Edigarev Pavel
    Member of the NP "Russian-Slovene club of businessmen"