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  • 07/17/2020

    Red Dot every year gives out awards for best designs and packaging. This year the Red Dot awards honored Radgonske Penine for their sparkling wine line of "Untouched by Light", which is the first sparkling wine in the world to be made, sold, and tasted in perfect themes.

    Radgonske Penine also received another award in the spring, called IdejaX on Croatian Days of Communication.

    Red Dot awards 2020 were given to eight Slovenian companies.

    This year’s Red Dot award ceremony took place via Instagram between 22 and 26 June 2020, and throughout the week, followers on this channel were able to follow expert discussions, video conferences, and the response of the award winners. The Red Dots were sent to the recipients in advance, and the winners then posted on Instagram all week and shared their joy at receiving the prize.

    In the Red Dot product design category for 2020, eight Slovenian companies also received the award:

    • Adria Mobil
    • Akrapovič
    • Alpina
    • Fotona
    • Gigodesign 3
    • Gorenje
    • Novak M
    • TAK Kolektiv