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  • 06/29/2020

    The wait is finally over as the prestigious french restaurants guide Michelin finally revealed the first-ever Michelin Stars in Slovenia.

    Last November, the Slovenian Tourism Council announced that the Michelin Guide, as well as the prestigious Michelin stars, are coming to Slovenia and will launch their famous and first Slovenian Michelin Guide in March 2020. The arrival of the well-known Michelin restaurant guide is the result of the big steps that Slovenian gastronomy has taken in the field of developing and enhancing the recognition and reputation of Slovenia as a place for the best gastronomic experiences.

    In connection with the pandemic, the arrival had to be postponed, and in mid-May the famous Michelin French restaurant guide, together with the Slovenian Tourist Council, announced that they would announce the Michelin star laureates of the Michelin star on June 16 at 11 am

    Michelin inspectors were impressed not only by the beauty of Slovenia itself, but also by the restaurants where they enjoyed their meals. The factor of sustainability and industriousness made an even greater impression on them.

    The first Michelin star laureates in Slovenia are Hisha Denk with Gregor Vrachko, Gostilna at Loyzetu - Zemo Palace and Tomazz Kavcic, Vila Podvin and Uros Stefelin. Michelin received two stars Ana-Rosh from Hisha-Franko.

    This year a printed version of the Michelin Red Guide to Slovenia will be published, which further emphasizes the importance of gastronomy as a key topic for the development and promotion of Slovenian tourism in 2020 and 2021, especially given that the gastronomic and tourism sectors were hit hard during the epidemic.