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  • 06/29/2020

    In 2019, priced for residential real estate in Slovenia rose by about 2%. The highest prices are fixed in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and on the coast and the lowest prices in the northeast region. Has the value of real estate in Slovenia changed in 2020?

    Influence of Epidemic on the Real Estate Value

    Slovenia has successfully overcome the COVID-19 epidemic becoming the first EU country to announce its completion. The epidemic lasted less than two months. Now it is the time to assess its impact on the economy.

    According to Slovenian realtors, the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the value of real estate in the country. In 2020, the prices will decline. During the pandemic period, many new buildings were constructed, since the construction sector was one of several industries that did not stop their activity, which allowed providing an additional offer on the market. Besides, a decrease in demand due to restrictive measures in connection with the epidemic will affect the price change.

    Buying Real Estate Objects Is a Good Investment Decision
    The upcoming decline in housing prices is great news for entrepreneurs looking to invest in real estate. In Slovenia, there has been a steady annual increase in tourism performance. Owning real estate and using it for business is always a profitable investment. Entrepreneurs who start their business in Europe with the registration of a company in Slovenia often decide to purchase real estate for doing business.

    In most cases, in the absence of EU citizenship, a person cannot acquire real estate as an individual. To purchase residential property and use it for commercial purposes, it is required to register a company in Slovenia. To open a company, the founder is required to provide at least 7,500 EUR of registered capital. In addition, all owners and representatives must have a Slovenian tax number, and the company must have a legal address in Slovenia.